Iker Perez

Iker is a mathematician with research experience in the domains of probability theory, stochastic control and Bayesian statistics. He has held research roles in industry and academia, having contributed to diverse fields such as finance, network evaluation, sports, navigation and healthcare. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals with both theoretical and interdisciplinary scopes. Iker’s research interests include the theoretical analysis and applications of Markov decision processes, MCMC methods, stochastic control and computational statistics. More information on Iker can be found here

James is currently interested in user-centred approaches to the measurement of human movement. He is involved in a series of projects which aim to use movement to answer questions about human behaviour and the design of places and systems.

Stuart Reeves

Stuarts research into social and collaborative technologies investigates how people use diverse kinds of interactive devices and systems in real world situations and places.   More information on Stuart can be found here

Mercedes Torres Torres

Mercedes research interests include machine learning and image analysis & processing, in particular relating to the medical environment. More information on Mercedes can be found here