A key feature of Horizon is our Transitional Assistant Professor scheme – a mechanism recruiting the most promising research fellows onto a pathway that guarantees a transition into an academic lecturing position over several years.  Through a number of agile projects, Horizon ‘TAPS’ will further develop their impact skills and rapidly establish their careers as independent academics.

Take a look at Horizons current Transitional Assistant Professors and discover about their research interests under the ‘About’ menu


Georgiana’s research and impact activities are dedicated to resolving challenges that the world is facing today through data science.  Most recently, as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between N/Lab and OLIO Exchange Ltd.,  she developed the first UK-wide machine-learning model of food-insecurity.  Georgiana is passionate about women’s careers in STEM and cultivating scientific curiosity and enjoyment from an early age.

James is currently interested in user-centred approaches to the measurement of human movement. He is involved in a series of projects which aim to use movement to answer questions about human behaviour and the design of places and systems.

Stuart Reeves

Stuarts research into social and collaborative technologies investigates how people use diverse kinds of interactive devices and systems in real world situations and places.   More information on Stuart can be found here

Mercedes Torres Torres

Mercedes research interests include machine learning and image analysis & processing, in particular relating to the medical environment. More information on Mercedes can be found here


The importance of motivation in user testing

  Stuart Reeves “testing is a totemic feature of the technological era. Digital things in particular, with their ever increasing complexity, have exacerbated and accelerated the need to test…….”  Stuart explains the importance of motivation in user testing in an article featured on the UX Collective blog site.

Stuart Reeves – disseminating research on voice interfaces to UX and design practitioners

This is a short story about how our team—myself, Martin Porcheron, and Joel Fischer —disseminated our research on voice interfaces to UX and design practitioners through a varied campaign spanning over a year and a half to the present. It began with a technology field trial that formed part of Martins PhD, during which he …